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ZLHR challenges ZUPCO monopoly

ZIMBABWE Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) empathizes with the public and we are eagerly awaiting handing down of judgment which was reserved on 28 February 2022 by the Supreme Court on an appeal which we filed challenging the state-run ZUPCO monopoly and the imposition by government of restrictions on other transport operators under the guise of limiting and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

In the appeal, ZLHR argued that government regulations place a limitation on enjoyment of rights, particularly the right to freedom of profession, trade or occupation enshrined in Section 64, which is an economic right.

ZLHR also argued that the creation of ZUPCO monopoly limits the right of commuters to board transport of their choice, limits the right of transport owners to earn a living, creates massive shortages and prejudice to commuters because ZUPCO has no capacity to trade.

ZLHR contended that passengers are entitled to an open de-monopolized transport system and argued that the issue of giving ZUPCO a monopoly has nothing to do with controlling public health and the coronavirus pandemic but that the measures are just about capturing the transport market in favor of ZUPCO and more appropriately those that have captured ZUPCO.

We stated that private commuter omnibus operators can still be asked to make sure that their passengers practice social distancing and mask up as is enforced aboard ZUPCO buses. АРС (0) @ZLHRLAWYERS ZIMBABWE LAWYERS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS

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