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On World Press Freedom Day 2024

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Statement World Press Freedom Day (2024)

For Immediate Release

03 May 2024

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition joins the rest of the world in commemorating the 2024 World Press Freedom Day which is running under the theme, “A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the face of the Environmental Crisis”.

On this important day, The Coalition reiterates its call for a conducive environment for the media to be able to effectively carry out its important role of informing, raising awareness, promoting good environmental practices as well as holding duty bearers to account in light of the environmental crisis in Zimbabwe.

The Coalition firmly believes that the media should be able to operate without fear and favour and in the process contribute to inclusive national development in Zimbabwe. 

In this regard, we implore the government of Zimbabwe to uphold Section 61 on freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

This is critical in tackling Zimbabwe’s environmental crisis.

Several communities in Zimbabwe have been at the receiving end of the country’s environmental crisis resulting from activities such as mining and poor agricultural practices and it is imperative that in light of the disaster, the media be the voice of the voiceless.

This is critical in informing policy as well as holding duty bearers and corporates to account.

It is however unfortunate that in some instances, journalists fail to effectively report on the environmental crisis in Zimbabwe due to fear of reprisals from authorities and powerful individuals.

This takes away the important role of the media in raising awareness, information dissemination and risk awareness as well as ensuring environmental justice.

The Coalition also calls upon the government of Zimbabwe to ensure a vibrant and inclusive media landscape that empowers different communities. 

Licensing of media houses, including community radio stations must strictly be n merit rather than political affiliation. This is critical in ensuring diversity. 

As part of its constitutional awareness campaign the Coalition values freedom of expression and freedom of the media as espoused in the Declaration of Rights which is at the core of our campaign. 

The Coalition reiterates its commitment to work with the media in raising awareness on fundamental human rights including environmental rights.

The media plays a fundamental role in tackling Zimbabwe’s environment crisis hence our continued call for a conducive environment that allows the media to operate without fear or favour.

Happy World Press Freedom Day.


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