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Who We Are


Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is a conglomeration of more than 75 civic society organisations. It was originally formed in August 2001 as a collective response to the multi faceted crisis of governance and legitimacy.


These organisations work together to bring about democratic change in the country. Our membership draws from churches, women’s groups, social movements, residents associations, labor unions, human rights lawyers, teachers groups and health professionals.


The coalition has 7 committees that is; Advocacy, Information, Peace building, Gender, Youth, Arts and Culture and Human rights.  The Coalition works on human rights issues, democratic governance, political freedoms, women’s rights, electoral reform, peace and development. It also carries out research on socio-economic and political issues affecting Zimbabweans.


The organization’s vision is to see a democratic Zimbabwe, and believes civil society has a critical role to play in nurturing and sustaining a culture and respect for principles and values of good governance, openness and accountability within Zimbabwean society. To this end, it enjoys both regional and international attention as one of Zimbabwe's biggest and most vocal pro-democracy advocacy groups in the country. It has been highly critical of the government, especially in the years between 2006 and 2010. It works locally, regionally and internationally, but with a focus on Zimbabwe.

Our Objectives


  • To respond timeously to government position regarding various key policy areas

  • To share ideas and information for use by Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in the articulation of credible, alternative and practical views

  • To ensure the rapid development of democratic governance in Zimbabwe

  • To amplify the collective voice of Civil Society in Zimbabwe

  • To cover issues this would otherwise not fall within the mandate of the major CSOs

  • To highlight, debate, research and propose solutions to the multilayered national crisis



To see a democratic Zimbabwe. example of adding here

To promote the growth of Civil Society`s capacity to deal with socio-economic and political crises, through encouraging well coordinated strategic planning and action. To promote freedom and democratic values through encouraging dialogue, tolerance and the shaping of ideas by Zimbabweans from all walks of life.



  • To Enhance Civil Society's capacity to deal with the socio-economic and political crises, through encouraging well co-ordinated strategic planning and action.

  • To promote freedom and democratic values through encouraging dialogue, tolerance and the shaping of ideas by Zimbabweans from all walks of life.


Our mission is to become the nerve center that helps Civil Society Coalitions with strategic planning and coordination of national programs. We strive to respond timeously to government positions regarding various key policy areas.


Crisis strives to share ideas and information for use by Civil Society groups in the articulation of credible, alternative and practical views.


We strive to ensure the rapid development of a participatory democracy in Zimbabwe in areas of health, governance and parliament.


We believe in the principles of pluralism and diversity in politics.


We are a non-partisan Civil Society initiative and are not dictated to by either political parties, market forces or religious sectors.


We are determined to amplify the collective voice of Civil Society in Zimbabwe.


Board Members

Obert Masaraure


Obert Masaraure is the president of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) 

Peter-Mutasa pic.webp

Peter Gift Mutasa


Peter Gift Mutasa is a Zimbabwean trade unionist and the former president of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). He is also the General Secretary of Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU).

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Busi Dube

Vice Chairperson

Ms. Sibusisiwe Dube is a human rights defender and development expert. She has vast experience in youth developmental work, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, monitoring and evaluation and capacity building within youth and gender based institutions. Sibusisiwe holds an MSc in Disaster Management from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe among other professional courses. Currently, she is the director of National Youth Development Trust where her responsibilities include fundraising, coordinating the designing and implementation of projects that sort to increase youth, engagement and participation in social-economic, political and governance processes in Zimbabwe.






Chaired by: - SCMZ


The Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ) is a registered ecumenical and non-profit making welfare membership based organization with an interest in students and young people aiming at addressing their changing needs. It is an affiliate of the World Students Christian Federation (WSCF) and a member of other progressive coalitions in Zimbabwe. Since its inception in Zimbabwe in 1962, it has sought to provide a platform for young people and students to openly discuss ways of coping with, and overcoming the challenges they face. The guiding principles are Christian values and fundamentals, which are important avenues through which issues affecting society can be effectively resolved, given that religion moulds the beliefs of society.




Chaired by: - Chinhoyi Residents Trust


The Chinhoyi Residents' Trust (CRT) is a Zimbabwean registered organization. Founded in September 2008 by a group people.




Chaired by:-Berina Community Arts





Chaired by:- Zimbabwe Devine Destiny-Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD)


Zimbabwe Devine Destiny-Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD) was formed in response to a deteriorating situation of politically motivated violence in 2008 that saw people maimed, killed and displaced due to political affiliations. In the process of ministering to the victims of violence it was glaring to note that the Church at large did not admonish the perpetrators of such evils despite claiming to be custodians of moral values and righteous living. It became apparent that the church’s aloofness was due to lack of a theological persuasion regarding the role of the church on matters of national governance and economics. Further, church leaders struggled to relate people’s social struggles to governance and policy issues. The result was the launch of ZDD, with four interventions; Biblical Advocacy Training, Prophetic Declaration Services (To condemn evil and embolden the church), Peace Promotion Centers and Christian Indaba on Governance and National Development.  (Refer to Programs for more details)




Chaired by:- Election Resource Centre (ERC)


The organisation provides credible information, strategic services and deliberative platforms that aim to improve quality of democracy and elections at all tiers of Zimbabwean society. The organisation leads in terms of providing election related capacity building and election related information. Consistently, the organization has since 2010 designed various programmes that impacted positively towards the participation of citizens in democratic processes, much as they contributed to significant reforms to electoral processes in Zimbabwe especially during the transitional period ahead of the 2013 polls which marked the denouement of the coalition government.

Currently the organization has ongoing activities relevant to the obtaining pre-electoral period mainly focused on strengthening citizen engagement in democracy and elections. In an effort to make demand meet supply, ERC closely engages key electoral policy makers in particular the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, the Parliament of Zimbabwe and the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. Its mission is to provide credible information, strategic services and deliberative platforms that aim to improve the quality of democracy and elections at all tiers of Zimbabwean society. 




Chaired by: - Women's Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence

WALPE identifies, grooms and nurtures women aspiring to run for public office. This is achieved through long term intense leadership capacity building trainings, intergenerational mentorship and coaching exercises



Chaired by:- Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)


ZIMRIGHTS makes use of grassroots based approaches to promote, protect and defend human rights in Zimbabwe in order to empower all people through education, information, networking, legal aid, counseling as well as advocacy and lobbying. For the past 27 years, ZimRights has empowered communities through civic education, legal aid support, psycho-social support and community advocacy strategies to ensure the realization of basic rights especially for the most marginalized communities. ZimRights mission is to promote, protect and defend Human Rights in Zimbabwe through education, information, legal aid and litigation.



Staff Members
Blessing Vava.jpg

Blessing Vava



Blessing Vava holds a Master’s degree in Media Studies from Wits University.

Currently studying towards a PHD at University of Johannesburg. He has 10 years’ experience in human rights ,governance work. His role at CiZC is to oversee the day to day running of the organisation.


Avatar 82
terry pic.jpg

Terrence Chitapi

Programs Manager 


The advocacy officer does most of the Field Work and in liason with the Director prepares draft advocacy papers.

Rabia Jessub.jpg

Rabia Jessub

Finance and Administration Manager


Rabia Jessub holds a certificate in Executive Secretarial, diploma in Finance and Accounting and Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Accounting. Currently studying Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). Her role at CiZC is to provide a complete finance service to the whole company, addressing all issues of a finance nature and providing all relevant information to meet external needs.


WhatsApp Image 2022-04-07 at 2.54.46 PM (1).jpeg

Merjury Mhlanga

Advocacy Officer 


Merjury Mhlanga holds a Masters in Public Policy and Governance. She is a seasoned researcher and development practitioner with more than 10 years experience. At CiZC, she is responsible for research and advocacy initiatives

Edgar Gweshe.jpg

Edgar Gweshe

Information Officer


Edgar Gweshe, he holds a Diploma in Mass Communication from Harare Polytechnic College and has experience in the media fraternity stretching from 2008 to 2011when he joined the civic society sector. He also participated in the 2019 Young African Leaders Initiative. At CiZC he works directly with the Advocacy Officer in implementing the activities and programs as assigned. Overseeing and implementing of the organisation’s media strategy.


terry pic.jpg
my pictures.jpg

Shorai Murwira

Digital media and Communications Officer

Shorai Murwira is a regional award winning journalist. A digital media expert who holds an honours degree in Media and Cultural Studies  from Great Zimbabwe University. At CiZC she works directly with the Communications Officer and the Programmes Officer in implementing the activities and programs as assigned.

concie pic.jpg

Concilia Majachani

Networking and Membership Development Officer


Concilia Majachani, She holds Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Development Studies from Midlands State University. A holder of an Executive Certificate in Humanitarian Assistant and Programme Management and Project Monitoring and Evaluation at the University of Zimbabwe. She is currently studying master of arts in development studies degree. At CiZC she works directly with the Advocacy Officer in implementing the activities and programs as assigned.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-07 at 3.02.09 PM.jpeg

Tatenda Mazarura-Mhike

Regional Information and Advocacy officer

 Tatenda is a holder of an MA Development Studies A Human Rights Defender, Professional Rapporteur and an Election Specialist.  

She has over 10 years experience in Project Design and Management, Election Monitoring and Reporting, Communication and Advocacy Strategy Development and Digital Marketing.

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