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IYWD advocates for safer spaces for young women and women political leaders

The Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD) on August 31, 2021 launched a documentary titled “Prisoners of Conscience” which narrates the stories of female activists and political leaders.

The documentary is based on the lived realities of young women and women leaders who have shattered the glass ceiling by participating in politics.

They tell their stories as young women and women leaders focusing on what motivates them to participate in politics, the threats and dangers they have faced, coping mechanisms employed and how best society can support young women and women leaders.

Based on real life stories, the documentary highlights the arrests, the fear, the guns, the incarceration, the anxiety and everything about being prisoners of the conscience.

In the documentary, the women who were incarcerated for their political beliefs also narrate their experience at the hands of state security agents when they were subjected to torture and ill treatment during their days in prison.

The objective of the reflections is provoke the thinking and actions of all progressive people, organisations and movements on how best to contribute towards safer environments for young women to exercise their constitutional rights of participating in civic and political processes.

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