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Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition condolence message on the passing on of President, Dr. KK Kaunda

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, an umbrella body of civic society organisations operating in Zimbabwe, joins the rest of Africa in mourning the passing on of former Zambian President, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda.

Dr Kaunda died on June 17, 2021 at the age of 97.

In mourning Dr. Kaunda, we remember his invaluable contribution towards the liberation of African States, Zimbabwe included.



We shall forever cherish his commitment to the values of Pan Africanism and his selfless sacrifice and commitment towards the liberation and development of the African continent. He also played a pivotal role through the Frontline States in pushing for emancipation of the African people.

The late Dr. Kaunda was an advocate of peace and unity who pushed for a united Zambia through his commitment to a “One Zambia, One Nation”.

At a regional and continental level, the late former President Kaunda was committed to the same values.

We cherish with pride the fact that as one of the founding fathers, President Kaunda laid the ground for unity, peace and development and his values continue to guide pro-democracy forces on the African continent.

Go well Dr. KK. We shall forever be indebted to you.

Tiyende pamodzi ndim’tima umo.


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