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An Illegitimate Election Foretold: Pre-Election Report August 2023

Summary of the Report

This report makes a measured assessment of the impending 23 August elections which can be summarised through the following two points:

  1. The impending August 23, 2023, election has already seen a heavy assault on its credibility and integrity and will be held under worse conditions than the elections of 2018; this will likely perpetuate contested governmental legitimacy. The outcome is likely to entrench Zimbabwe’s status as a pariah state and result in retarded economic recovery and growth as well as inclusive and sustainable development.

  2. Zimbabwe requires the support of the region and the international community to address its numerous challenges through a process of national dialogue. Dialogue must help the country return to norm compliance on democratic governance and resolving the question of political legitimacy.


An Illegitimate Election Foretold Crisis Coalition Pre Election Report August 2023
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