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Crisis Coalition 2023 AGM Resolutions


The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition successfully held its 15th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on December 15, 2023. The AGM noted that the democratic space in Zimbabwe continues to shrink and that there is an urgent need to mobilize grassroots communities while strengthening regional solidarity in the fight against authoritarianism and a one party state.

The AGM noted the ongoing persecution of dissenting voices and opposition activists, particularly following the largely discredited 2023 elections and the by-elections following the controversial recalls of opposition MPs and councillors from parliament and local councils respectively.

The AGM noted that the legitimacy crisis in Zimbabwe following the chaotic 2023 elections perpetuates the political and socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

The AGM noted the ruling party ZANU PF's determination to establish a one-party state and the continued persecution of civil society organizations through the introduction of draconian laws.

Way Forward

Given Zimbabwe's multi-faceted crisis, the meeting resolved that civil society organizations must act and mobilize grassroots communities to defend the democratic space.

Below are the resolutions of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition 2023 Annual General Meeting;

  1. The Coalition will intensify its efforts to mobilize grassroots communities to defend democratic space in the face of the state's determination to entrench authoritarianism.

  2. The Coalition will continue to leverage its position as a leading coalition of civil society organizations at the local and regional level and work closely with local and regional solidarity partners to provide thought leadership and strategic direction to the sector.

  3. The Coalition is to convene a National People’s Congress that will set the tone for grassroots community engagement and mobilization and the demand for fundamental reforms in Zimbabwe.

  4. The AGM reaffirmed the need for Zimbabwe to return to full adherence to the norms of modern statecraft through the full implementation of the Zimbabwean Constitution. This includes comprehensive electoral, economic, social & political reforms. These reforms must be underpinned by a firm commitment to a return to political legitimacy and the restoration of the dreams of 18 April 1980.

Being an elective AGM, the individuals and organizations below were also elected to lead the Coalition for the next two years;

Chairperson- Peter Gift Mutasa

Vice Chairperson - Busi Dube

Treasurer - Gamuchirai Mukura

Spokesperson- Marvelous Khumalo

Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)- Chair of the CIZC Youth Committee

Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (MURRA)- Chair of the CIZC Advocacy Committee

PADARE- Chair of the CIZC Gender Committee

Election Resource Centre (ERC)- Chair of the CIZC Information Committee

Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT)- Chair of the CIZC Peace Building Committee

Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR)- Chair of the CIZC Human Rights Committee

Chair of the CIZC Arts Committee TBA

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