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ZOYP launches Youths in Politics Environmental Care Management

The Zimbabwe Organization For Youth In Politics (Z.O.Y.P) has launched a new programme that will focus on Climate Change and Environmental Care Management.

The Climate Change programme adds to ZOYP’s political programmes that seek to capacitate young people vying for political office.

Speaking at the Youth From All Political Parties Community Caucus in Gokwe, Z.O.Y.P Director Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo emphasized the need for civil society organisations to capacitate local communities with knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

‘‘As Z.O.Y.P we have been capacitating youths with political aspirations. Our thematic areas are democracy and good governance, gender justice, human rights, constitutionalism and community mobilization but we have realizedthat most of the young people from across political divides are not conscious when it comes to issues to do with climate change. So producing leaders who are not aware of the critical need of protecting the environment is a disaster,’’ said Moyo.

Youth leaders from different political parties who attended the meeting applauded Z.O.Y.P for the initiative on climate change.

The new cluster is Code named Youth In Politics Environmental Care Management.

Z.O.Y.P is engaging various stakeholders and experts in the climate change field to assist in the coming trainings which will see hundreds of youths from across political divides coming together for environmental care management and climate change advocacy.

If interested to participate in the Youth In Politics Environmental Care Management send an email to


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