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Is this the land? Crisis Coalition 43rd Zimbabwe Independence Statement

18 April 2023

Is this the Land?

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, CiZC, joins Zimbabweans from across all walks of life in commemorating the independence of Zimbabwe from colonial rule.

On this important national day, we salute the living and fallen heroes and heroines of the liberation struggle for their selfless sacrifice towards the Independence of Zimbabwe,

Zimbabwe’s Independence was achieved at the cost of many lives, and the sweat, tears and blood of citizens in reclaiming back our beloved country.

On the occasion of Zimbabwe’s 43rd Independence Anniversary, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition reiterates its commitment to the values and principles that guided our war for Independence and thus inclusive national; development remains at the core of our work.

It is in this regard that 43 years after independence, we ask ourselves the fundamental question: Is this the Land?

We note with concern that Zimbabwe continues to regress to an increasingly authoritarian state in contradiction to the values of freedom and democracy that were the premise of the fight against colonialism.

It is regrettable and disheartening to note that the vision of a democratic and economically developed Zimbabwe, a vision which was in sync with the Liberation agenda has been betrayed.

In light of this, the Coalition reiterates its commitment to accelerating the completion of the

Liberation struggle.

In this regard, the Coalition has identified 3 crisis points which need to be addressed as we complete the liberation project. These crisis points are clear deficits in the governance architecture of the reactionaries controlling state power, the identified parameters

are as follows;

1. State-Society relations

The social contract between the people and those who govern Zimbabwe has collapsed under the current government. The legitimacy of this government is in crisis due to fraudulent means used to gain power. The government has enacted laws that limit democratic space and serve their own interests rather than those of the people. These laws, such as the Patriotic Bill and Public Voluntary Organisations Bill, were used during colonial rule. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has become compromised, making credible elections impossible. Without regional and international support, Zimbabwe will struggle to improve its economy and achieve its development goals.

2. Economic Relations

Zimbabwe's government is accused of corruptly handing over national assets to private players who are mainly cronies of the ruling elites. This has caused national wealth to be created but not shared equally. Economic growth is viewed in terms of 'manipulated figures' by the current Minister of Finance, with complete disregard for the welfare of the people. The economy remains dualised with the majority of the people living on the margins while politically connected individuals have access to employment opportunities. The lack of economic opportunities has forced many young people to leave the country in search of better opportunities elsewhere.

3. Public service deliveryCiZC is deeply concerned by the collapse of social services in Zimbabwe, including the healthcare system, education, water and sanitation, and housing. This has resulted in increased maternal mortality, brain drain, and a worsening housing crisis. The burden of unpaid care work for women has also increased, making life unbearable for those living with disabilities.

The current government has reneged on social service delivery, and the privatization of social services has denied the poor majority access to education, clean water, and other essential services.

CiZC calls for a collective push to bring all stakeholders to the table and begin to dialogue. The Coalition views dialogue as a practical tool in unlocking the political logjam that has choked economic and social development for more than two decades now.

CiZC pledges to lead the fight of delivering a democratic progressive developmental Zimbabwe. The coalition will mobilize progressive forces across the globe to support a clear settlement of the governance deficits and authoritarian practices of the current government that threaten the liberation goal of a socially just Zimbabwe.

The Coalition will continue rallying all citizens to reflect on the economic crisis and collectively craft a method of realizing inclusive economic growth that genuinely leaves no one behind. CiZC will continue to support and amplify the voices of citizens who are demanding state-funded social services, as mandated by the Constitution.

For many, it is ‘not yet Uhuru’!

Long live the struggle for true independence.

Long live Zimbabwe!


Obert Masaraure

Crisis in Zimbabwe Spokesperson


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