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2022 International Women's Day #BreakTheBias

Sitabile Dewa, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Gender Committee Chairperson

"The achievement of gender equality in Zimbabwe is non negotiable. It remains the responsibility of every Zimbabwean to guarantee equality and inclusion. The country needs women leaders now than ever! #BreakTheBias"

Stayah Monallisa Fombe, a student leader ZINASU Provincial gender secretary, a peer educator, public speaker and a feminist.

"Culture, although constantly changing, is often presented as a reason to resist change and people regularly hide behind it to justify the subordinate role of women. It is then vital that everyone in the communities, especially those who hold power, play a role in promoting equality, and challenging forms of discrimination against people who have less power because of patriarchy and harmful gender and sexuality norms. Culture must therefore be viewed not as a barrier but as a means of engaging communities in sustainable change processes with regard to gender equality.

The unthinking and unquestioning nature of obedience makes it a potential tool for abuse since, even when authority deviates from the standards, they can’t be challenged fostering a culture of dependence and ignorance. It is therefore a mandate for fellow women to break the 'norm', break the bias and break the fear.

#the future is female"

Falon Dunga, a vibrant female student leader , equality and equity activist and a intrepid youth Advocate.

"Women in Zimbabwe are still marginalized from political and public life. They continue to be side lined in decision-making, stigma against women in politics is still alive and well, women continue to face structural, socioeconomic, institutional and cultural barriers. Even though the number of female leaders has risen over the years. This is so because of the societal beliefs and practices regarding leadership and gender traditionally exclude women and often top leadership is considered a masculine territory. It’s high time we include women in top leadership equation as a country #BreakTheBias"

Clariss Rufaro Masiya, Gender and Advocacy Officer at Green Governance Zimbabwe Trust

"A woman's place is wherever she chooses to be, because she has the right to choose which table she wants to sit at.  #BreakTheBias happy international Women's day."


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