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Statement on International Labour Day 2023

Updated: May 2, 2023

Crisis Coalition Statement on International Workers Day

May 1, 2023

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition joins the rest of the world in commemorating International Workers Day.

In Zimbabwe, it is unfortunate that high-level corruption, economic mismanagement and, looting of natural resources and political repression continue to shadow any chance of the honest, hard working workers and citizens celebrating this day

The obtaining political, social and economic situation in the country is where the working class has been impoverished and robbed of its chance to enjoy decent income and dignified livelihoods.

The contribution of the working class to the economy of Zimbabwe can never be underestimated.

Corruption and plunder of national resources by the political elite has relegated the majority of Zimbabwean workers to paupers. t is regrettable that despite living in a country endowed with vast natural resources, workers in Zimbabwe continue to live far below the Poverty Datum Line with the government continuously showing insincerity in as far as addressing their plight is concerned.

We note with concern the fact that the government continues to respond with brute force to genuine calls to address the plight of impoverished workers. The Government of Zimbabwe has apparently criminalized trade unionism through victimization of labour union leaders and it is unfortunate that this has also extended to the private sector.

To add on to this, the government has employed divide and rule tactics against workers through endorsing bogus trade unions that do not necessarily represent the interests of workers.

Zimbabwe continues to suffer from brain drain due to the government's failure to pay living wages for civil servants and current statistics show that Zimbabwe lost an estimated 4 000 healthcare workers (since 2021) who left for greener pastures abroad.

It is undeniable that corruption and plunder of national resources by the political elites are among the major factors contributing to the plight of workers in Zimbabwe.

Facts show that Zimbabwe’s mineral resources are in the hands of a powerful few and we implore the government of Zimbabwe to show sincerity in alleviating corruption and improving the welfare of workers and the generality of Zimbabweans.

The government needs to set up genuine platforms for engagement with workers and desist from its divide and rule tactics which continue to expose its insincerity towards addressing workers’ challenges.

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition calls upon workers from across different sectors to unite in the fight for a living wage while using all available legal channels to push their interests.

Aluta Continua!!!

Ober Masaraure

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Spokesperson

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