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Civil society led national convergence platform to kickstart genuine national dialogue

Various civil society organisations associated with Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition met on Thursday, September 23, 2021 to deliberate on the issue of a national convergence for transformation in light of the deepening multi faceted crisis in Zimbabwe.

The meeting resolved to, among other issues, strengthen citizen agency and to rally ordinary Zimbabweans, including youths, women, farmers, marginalised populations, ethnic minorities and people living with disabilities to dialogue under the national convergence for transformation process.

The meeting also raised concern over the continued looting of natural resources by political elites and the lack of political will to engage in a genuine all stakeholders dialogue which will unlock the Zimbabwean crisis.

The meeting noted with concern the exclusive and elite nature of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) platform as well as the deepening intransigence of the state as necessary conditions for ordinary Zimbabweans to step up and define the Zimbabwe they want.

The convergence process will include all Zimbabweans, including the diaspora and across political party lines.

The common denominator of this dialogue process is the dignity, happiness and freedom of ordinary Zimbabweans.


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