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Crisis Coalition Statement on the brutal murder of Morebelessing Ali

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition sends its heartfelt condolences to the Ali family

following the abduction and brutal murder of Morebelessing Ali (46) by alleged

Zanu PF activists.

Morebelessing; a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist was abducted by a

known Zanu PF activist, Pius Jamba on May 24, 2022 and her mutilated body was

found in a disused well in the Nyatsime area in Chitungwiza on June 10, 2022.

We condemn in the strongest of terms the continued violence by Zanu PF

activists who continue to engage in acts of violence with impunity ahead of

elections in 2023.

To prove their level of impunity, Zanu PF activists clashed with CCC members

who had gathered for the funeral of Moreblessing in Nyatsime on June 11, 2022

and the party’s Councilor for Seke, identified as Masimbi Masimbi gave an order

banning mourners from gathering at the home of Morebelessing. His justification

was that CCC members had defied his order for them not to wear their party

regalia at the funeral.

Events currently obtaining on the ground point to yet another bloody election in

Zimbabwe and we implore the Zimbabwe Republic Police to ensure that

perpetrators of violence are brought to book.

This must be done without fear or favour.

We note with concern that Zanu PF activists continue to operate above the law

while reckless statements from top officials within the party continue to fuel this


For the past months, Zanu PF activists have been the major perpetrators of

political violence and this has raised fears of a repeat of the bloody 2008 election

during which an estimated 300 opposition supporters lost their lives.

It is incumbent for the police to set precedence ahead of the 2023 elections and

ensure that all perpetrators of violence are brought to book. A situation whereby

terror gangs kill with impunity erodes public confidence in the justice delivery


The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has made several calls to President Emmerson

Mnangagwa to condemn violence by his supporters and his continued silence

raises fears that Zanu PF is prepared to retain power at all costs.

In the face of these continued acts of terror, the Coalition will strengthen

engagements with solidarity partners at the regional, continental and global


We urge all peace loving Zimbabwe to push authorities to account and demand

justice for Moreblessing.


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